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"Thank you so much! Especially for the speed of your work."
PSM Gallery

"Thank you very much for the excellent translation."
Galerie Albrecht

"All the wonderful turns of expression you use in translation make for a very elegant text."
Professor, Freie Universität Berlin

"I just finished going through your translation. Just quickly, before going on - it's very well done from what I've seen! Thank you very much."
Galerie Antje Wachs

"Thank you once again for the translation ... The whole process went so smoothly."

“...more than happy with your reliable and friendly service, the speed at which you finished the job and your masterful translation...."
American Contemporary Art Gallery

"My thanks for your quick translation; I'll be coming back to you with more again soon."
Katarina Niksic, author and artist

Galerie Conradi

"I can imagine that, especially in a couple of spots, it was not all that easy to translate this text. But I think your translation hits the nail on the head - thank you."
"Many thanks for the prompt delivery. You are unbelievable - thank you so very much!"

Durstewitz Sapre Galerie

"I really like your translation...! You have a wonderful ability to think your way into the subject. I certainly intend to send more work your way when I'm in need of a good English text."
Galerie Mani

"Many thanks for your translation...I'd be happy to pass your name along to others and wish you all the best."

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circleculture gallery

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Galerie Susanne Zander