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Multilingual work with the ZMS Editor

The ZMS Content Management System is one of the best and most facile systems for setting up a multilingual site, and we especially recommend it for more complex sites.

The most important features of ZMS at a glance:

  • Easy to use, particularly when entering content (web forms)
  • Multilingual publishing
  • Strict separation of contents and design components
  • Universal and modular template model; dynamic design concept
  • Categorization concept and library-conformable meta-attributes
  • Workflow and role concept
  • Editorial aids (notes, alerting, work lists)
  • Multi-client capability
  • XML interface for document import and export
  • Lots of room for expansion (script languages DTML, Python; database interfaces)
  • Continuous object orientation (inheritance concept)
  • Use of content and application modules beneficial to production

Further information
about ZMS is available on the following site